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Our Itamae

An itamae (板 前?) Is a Japanese chef, usually head chef in large restaurants. The term can literally be translated as “in front of the board“, referring to the cutting board.

Our ITAMAE stands silently behind the blond wooden counter. Determined as a soldier and humble as a monk. With his uniform that characterizes him as the expert in the preparation of Sushi. It symbolizes the military precision and the quasi-religious ardor with which TSUKIJI CELAYA approaches its mission … Sushi. Since December 2016, TSUKIJI CELAYA opened its doors to the public for the first time and has developed the spirit of Sushi perfection. WORLD CLASS SUSHI.

Gabriel Narvaez

Gabriel Narvaez

GABRIEL-SAN has always been obsessed with the world of cooking in general. He studied the Bachelor of Gastronomy at the University of Celaya and has dabbled in the world of “cooking” in the USA. He wants to become a MEXICAN ITAMAE because he is very attracted to the artistic and fascinating world of Sushi. “Never stop learning” is his philosophy.